The Team is... me!
I am a motion designer based in Montreal. 
Passionate about motion design. 
About telling stories. 
About looking for a second level of reading in my work

I can work from home - doing the one stop shop for animation, 
but I can also work at your place - slipping into your existing team.

I am at home in the usual Adobe Suite (After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro) and in Cinema 4D for my 3D elements.

My approach is very service oriented. I want everybody involved happy and content at the end of the project. ...not always easy, and not always possible. But I try anyways!

One of my best assets aside the creative and technical part might be my constant state of Zen.  How I achieve that, you might ask?
Years of practice and the best Zen master Son (15 years of age) .

I am looking forward to work with/for you!
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